ADM Requirements


The following will be used when assessing new members:

· Ability to participate in therapeutic and recreational activities

· Ability to socialize in a group setting

· Ability to relate to others with limited aptitudes

· Involuntary incontinency issues

· Limited need for one- on-one assistance

· Wandering to the point of concern

What occurs on a daily basis? No matter what time of day it is, from the moment your loved one arrives; they are being offered and engaged in a wide set of activities to participate in. We offer activities to boost self-esteem, develop socialization, stimulate cognition, and improve quality of life. These range from table games to sports, exercise to sing-a-longs, cognitive games and more! 

Am I required to bring my loved one everyday?

Absolutely not. During your interview process you determine what days and times work best with your schedule. The minimum requirement is scheduling 5 service hours per week. 

You can even opt to begin with smaller time increments until you/your loved one is comfortable with the arrangement, and increase days or time as needed.

Care Services We Offer

· Care & Companionship

· Activity Therapy

· Caregiver Respite Time

· Community Connection

· Memory Care

· Education Resources & DVD’S