Adult Day Ministry

Why we are here

I would like to personally thank you for showing interest in our Adult Day Ministry. The church began this ministry in October 2009 when it became apparent that community families needed a ministry to assist in caring for their dependent loved ones. Since that time we heard testimony time and again how family lives have been impacted. Many people are referred to us by members who directly benefited from our ministry and/or health care professionals, so we feel confident that we offer a program of quality and value to those who really need it. 

It is my hope that the enclosed information assists in answering some basic questions you may have and further describes our ministry. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to ask any one of our staff members.

Gina Schwemle | ADM Director

We strive to provide care services with the following values:

Dignity and Respect We believe that in order to provide excellent care, we must treat each participant with the utmost dignity and respect. No matter a participant’s limitations, they are due a dignity that belongs to every human being, and no one will be subject to an action or activity that demeans their personhood or status in the community. 

Choice and Independence In order to avoid a sense of ‘learned helplessness,’ where a participant learns to expect staff caregivers to make their decisions, we encourage our members to make choices about the activities and events our ministry provides. Participants have the autonomy to pursue activities they enjoy and pass up on activities they do not. 

Purpose Life is best lived with a purpose in mind. We provide participants with activities and events that fulfill an overall purpose for their lives and that connect to their past, present, and future. Activities that are just meant to keep participants ‘busy and occupied’ will be eschewed in favor of ones that are meaningful and purposeful.

Community A sense of belonging to a community is vital to one’s well being. Our members will always have this ministry as a place they can call home. Additionally, we strive to create an atmosphere where participants can call each other, our staff, and our volunteers their family. This sense of community will also extend to caregivers and families by including them in activities, events, and family meetings.